HairShow: Drot


Please keep in mind the hair color i purchased for the following pictures are blonde but tinted brown for best results.

This week we are showcasing ‘Drot’ by Doctor Aho

1. The Nick *new*

2. The Tobi *new*

3. Andy

4. Steven



Instinct Remixed

Hi guys! This is Ajay Giano of Zoobong. I’ll be occasionally guest blogging on here so look out for future posts!
For my post today, this is my take on Ravi’s ‘Instinct’ post. Enjoy!


Skin: *KENTO* Cherish – Pure

Hat: [Soren Jaakobs] – Taylor Hat

Glasses: Reek – Classic Aviators

Facial Hair: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Beard V4

Shirt & Tie: [Iruco] – Stripe shirt

Jacket: Mr.Poet – Cape Coat

Pants: <Abyss> – Chaos Leather Pants

Shoes: UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops

Poses: Diesel Works



Skin: Abyss – ID 2043-3_SKIN (Winter Warrior)

Hair: KMadd – Bruno

Facial Hair: Sacred – Beard V1 (Menstuff Hunt gift)

Shirt & Tie: FIR & MNA – The Gilmore Shirt

Jacket: Mr.Poet – Cape Coat

Pants: FIR & MNA – Carter Pants

Boots: Kari – Stein Boots

Poses: LAP

Every little part of me


Skin: &Bean – Heart of Gold

Hair: Bryce – Kenny

Facial Hair: Sacred – Beard V1 (Menstuff Hunt gift)

Shirt: Nanuk – Arn Basic Longsleeve

Jacket: Young Urban – Military Jacket

Jeans: Doppelganger – Everyday Jeans

Boots: FIR & MNA – Jackson Boot

Poses: LAP



Skin: DNA – Brady

Hair: NSD – Clarkson

Sweater: NSD – Trident Sweater

Top: Whippet & Buck – Contrast Long Sleeve

Pants: Armidi Limited – Lowrise Jeans (I *think* these are only available online)

Boots: Surf Co. – Paperboy Boots (One-Eleven event – no longer available)


Vitor Algoma, a designer behind the CheerNo brand, recently opened his new store, Kletva.

The first release was the male skin, Alessandro. Alessandro comes in 4 tones, with various facial hair styles and make-ups to choose from. It has optional layers for body hair, freckles and make-ups. The skin also comes with the hair shown in the image above.

Having admired Vitor’s previous work under CheerNo, I look forward to seeing his new releases at Kletva. I am sure they will be to the same high quality standard as his work always is.

Breathe Slow

Here’s another look that I’ve been meaning to post for about a week now, but haven’t got around to doing.  Sorry!

Earlier this month, CheerNo released their latest skin, Brent. I usually have to mod my face quite a bit to suit CheerNo’s skins but this time I didn’t and it looked great – in my opinion anyway. The skin comes in 3 tones and a variety of make-ups and facial hair styles.

Also this month, Naith Smit released his first set of hairs for his store and he’s done a brilliant job. Looking forward to seeing more hair releases from there.


Skin: CheerNo – Brent (Malibu)

Hair: NSD – (Top) Ash, (Bottom) Bruno Bowler

Hat: Kari – Rude Boy

Sweater: Mon Tissu – Stitched thermal

Scarf: Anuenue – Mufbon

Pants: Young Urban – Norfolk Pants

Boots: J’s – Laceup Short Boots

Poses: Olive Juice & LAP