This has been a long-overdue post!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – been kinda busy.

Anyway, the latest skins from CheerNo and Kermes, and some undies from Atlantic Crew – Enjoy!

CheerNo – Reese

The Reese skin from CheerNo comes in dark-haired, blonde, ginger and malibu versions. Each of these have 3 different tones each with various facial hair styles and make-ups.

Kermes – Donovan

Kermes is a new skin store on the grid. It will be opening soon, and it’s first release are 3 collections of skins; Donovan, Maitheu and Eran. The store specialises in skins, shapes and eyes, with a clothing section coming soon.

I have chosen to feature the Donovan skin in this post. This skin comes in 3 different tones and 9 facial hair styles. Each skin comes with a bald and hair base version.



Skin: CheerNo & Kermes

Hair: NSD & Drot

Trunks: Atlantic Crew


One Comment on “Skins!”

  1. This is exciting! Thanks for this glimpse! I was waiting for CheerNo’s new releases. 🙂

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