She’s like the wind

Heyyy! It’s been a while. Sorry I haven’t updated this, I’ve just been really busy lately. But here’s a look which I was supposed to post last week but didn’t have time. Enjoy!!

The skin I’m wearing in this post is a new skin coming soon from DNA skins and it’s fantastic. Brox Riaxik has really gone all out with this skin and it’s easily become my fave at the moment.


Skin: DNA Cloning Facility – Harmony (COMING SOON)

Hair: Aitui – Almost There

Shirt: Armidi Limited – Basic Crew Neck

Cardigan: FIR – Trevour Cardigan

Necklace: NSD – The Rosary

Pants: Muism – Kirk Jeans


One Comment on “She’s like the wind”

  1. kenjiserupta says:

    Nice outfit, looking foward to the Skins release 🙂

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