15 Love

Wimbledon will be starting soon on the 21st June and it inspired my look today. The glasses i’m wearing are another well-made pair by Reek <3. I picked up the shirt i’m wearing at Doppelganger. There’s a sale 50% sale currently going on there so make sure you go and grab some clothes – they have really great tees and jeans. Finally, the shorts are  from Young Urban. I love them. They come in a few different colours and have really nice turned-up sculpts. \o/!!!

Oh I nearly forgot the skin I’m wearing is the new Ocean 2.0 which hopefully should be out within the next few weeks. YAY!


Skin: Zoobong – Ocean 2.0

Hair: epoque – Sweat

Glasses: Reek – Junior Shades

Polo: Doppelganger Inc. – Classic Polo

Shorts: Young Urban – Summers at English Bay

Socks: BOOM – Cuffed Socks

Shoes: UBU – Lo-Tops

Pose: Dismorph


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